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sheet metal fabrication

Stampings of Minnesota laser cutting and turret operations eliminate tooling costs and efficiently handle shorter runs. Our programmers are able to quickly turn your digital drawings in to production runs. We support drawings in Pro-E, Cadkey, Keycreator, and SMP, just to name a few.

Our new 3,000-watt I.P.G. Fiber Optic Laser can support your project with industry leading speed and accuracy. We have 2 Amada Vipros 345 turret presses, and a Mazak YZ-1501 laser. These sheet metal stamping machines are supported by our extensive variety of Amada automatic press brakes that have ranges from 30 to 55 tons, and bed sizes up to 82 inches.

Our sheet metal fabricating equipment is completely networked with the latest CNC software to ensure a quick transition between each work center.

Why choose this service?


We produce high quality, durable, components that will not need to be constantly replaced or repaired.

Increase Efficiency

We use the latest in Fiber Optic Laser Technology. Giving you a leg up from old machinery.

Custom Engineering

We work with your engineers to create the products that fit your needs.


(2) Amada Turret Presses - Vipros 345

Amada turret presses

(1) Mazak 1,500 Watt Turbo Laser Cutting Machine

Watt turbo laser

(1) I.P.G. 3,000 Watt Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machine

Optic laser cutting machine

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