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Engineering is at the heart of every project we execute. With extensive and diverse combined experience in the design and build of automated assembly equipment, our engineering team knows the right questions to ask, how to properly create your project proposal, and then how to manage the project from concept to completion. We know that efficiency, quality, and cost are key to producing successful automated systems and inspection machinery.

Our history of investing in state-of-the-art tool and die equipment enables us to move your new project from a concept into production parts with unsurpassed speed and accuracy. In 2005 we added (2) Fanuc Wire EDM machines that provide unsurpassed speed and accuracy in our production process. Our equipment can provide a cutting speed of .3 inches per minute and can work within a tolerance of +/- .0002 of an inch. As a result, our development time and product quality continue to be industry standards that are unparalleled on this continent and in Asia.

Our systems can turn your file drawings (.dxf, .dwg, .step, or .igs) into production parts with the latest computer and software advances. Currently, our technical experts utilize the following programs: 

Our cutting-edge technology and unmatched experience make Stampings of Minnesota an invaluable partner in your product development stage.

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Unmatched Expertise

Highly experienced with helping our customers develop a solution for any special packaging or kitting needs.


Our prototyping capability make us a valuable partner in product development.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our tool department has unmatched experience and is trained in cutting edge technology.

View our Equipment List for all our fabricating machinery, metal stamping process, and sheet metal stamping presses.

Quality Materials

Beryllium Copper (BECU)
Stainless steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel silver
Nickel Silver

Tolerances are +/-.001; true position .001; hole size +/-.0005.

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